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Corporate Events
Creative Concepts and Ideas

Are you looking for fun creative concepts and installs for corporate events? We can help aesthically communicate your visions, products and branding to your audience through the medium of decor and installations. Providing creative decor solutions and interactive displays to encourage social media engagement and promote branding/new products and events. Targeted for launch parties, end of year presentations, press events, influencer PR days, special event promotions... we have you covered, Mimi and Lu style. 


Mimi and Lu have experience working with PR teams (in house and external) and producing branded signage, corporate balloons and other decor displays.  

We have worked with Disney, Bondi Sands, Lanson International in Tescos, Fudge Professional and David Lloyd Gyms to name a few.

Drop us a message. Let's have a chat...

Bondi Sands Balloon Christmas Tree
Walt Disney Party
David Lloyd Gym Blaze Balloons
Walt Disney Balloon Installation
Lanson Wimbledon Tennis Promotion in Tescos
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