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Facts and Questions

  • Do you set up your items

Yes we set them up for you and request that they are not moved once in place. Items can get damaged and we also don’t want you or any of your guests to hurt themselves. A donut wall falling on your toe is not something any of us want to experience. 

Some items such as charger plates etc have a separate cost for set up which will be included in your quote.

  • Will it cost me extra pennies for delivery

If you are borrowing items over the value of £150 we will deliver for free within 6 miles of our base in Surbiton.

Any further than this or if your order is under £170 we will work out the delivery and collection costs

For larger orders with complete party set ups we can discuss travel  . Please drop us an email or a quick phone call and we’d be more than happy to run through your needs.


  • Do we have Public Liability Insurance


We will be able to forward a Public Liability Insurance certificate to you or your venue. We know they need to see it


When do I need to book by

ASAP. We try to make our items unique and a bit different and only have one of each. Once it has been booked we won’t have another one available.


  • Deposit ??

Once we receive a deposit we will book your item/s out for that day. We ask for payment by BACS or card payment and we will confirm in an email once it has been received and that your special item has been booked just for you. We ask for a non refundable 50% deposit and the rest within a week of the booking date. 

Orders over £600 are to be paid by BACS and not card. If you'd like to pay by card on orders over £600 we would add on a processing fee of 1% of your total order value.

  • Do you have a minimum order?

Our minimum order is £150 if your delivery is within 6 miles. Outside of 6 miles we will have a different minimum order which we can discuss​


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